About Us

We are committed to getting personal protective equipment (PPE) to those that need them most, on time, safely, and at a competitive price.

Our job is completed when the right people get the delivery of our PPE supplies to save lives or protect public health. The success we’ve achieved means that, today, thousands are counting on our products to stay safe, feel safe, and stay healthy. Founded to provide quality medical supplies to improve lives and support personal independence, and ensure that our brands take action on the issues that consumers care about.

At DB Protective, we believe the ideal way of doing business is to be responsible. We have the responsibility to protect lives, putting people before profit, and sharp practices. Doing this makes us a better company.

People and impact-driven, our brand gives us a unique opportunity to create positive change, to grow our business, and to achieve our purpose of making quality health attainable by all. Integral to our vision is to become a global leader focused on innovative approaches and sustainable social impact.

Our Goal:

To add Top Tier care to people’s lives through affordable, high quality medical and health supplies.

Our Mission:

To supply the most innovative and cost-efficient safety product solutions available in a manner that provides value to our partners and is consistent with the character of our business.

DB Protective acknowledges the diversity of consumers and preferences; we continuously anticipate market needs. Leveraging Technologies with unique platforms to cut costs, streamline distribution procedures, and eliminate inefficiency in the supply chain.

Medical Device
Company size
11-50 employees
Teterboro, New Jersey
Privately Held
PPE, Personal Protective Equipment , PPE Importation & Distribution, Medical Supply, B2B, B2C, B2G, B2G (Local & Federal Government) , and HCP

Admin Email : office@dbprotective.com