Face Shield

Face Shields

Premium-quality face shield is a clear plastic shield covering the entire front of the face. Our face shields for sale are FDA certified. A medical face shield is an easy way to protect your eyes, nose and mouth

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Clear Protective Face Shields

Our padded face shields aim to protect the wearers entire face from hazards such as dust, splashes, spray, droplets and saliva. The medical face shield is comfortable to wear. Does not hurt eyes and skin. Lightweight and comfortable to wear. Fits over glasses. Suitable for most men and women.

Purchase face shields online that are used by hospitals, medical facilities, and dental clinics. Our CE Certified face shields have an adjustable head harness which ensures comfortable fit for most head sizes. Optically clear, distortion free wrap around face shield. Face Shield headband foam holds shield away from face. Vented for increased air flow, floats lightly on forehead with no pressure on temples.

  • Safety protection without gaps; 180 degree face isolation, effective protection
  • Extra comfort padded face shield 
  • Clear shield for maximum Visibility
  • Reusable face shields (we recommend cleaning the shield with soap and water, or our alcohol-based sanitizing wipes
  • CE approved
  • Comfortable, durable, quality materials
  • Face shield with direct splash protection

Our premium-quality face shields are FDA registered and CE certified.

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