When Flights & Weddings Are Back? What Are The New Rules?

As more and more countries and states are beginning to ease the lockdown orders, citizens are glad and at the same time worried. Depending on the effects of the coronavirus on your state or country, the easing may come with specified and strict guidelines.

It is going to be a really tough challenge for so many sectors to be able to maintain the stringent guidelines that will follow the lockdown lifting.

for churches it would mean lesser congregation, for schools it would result in splitting of classes, especially in public schools, for flights, maybe compulsory use of Vinyl gloves and KN95 Masks and N95 masks. So many sectors would definitely find it difficult.

Different states and countries have put in place strategic measures to curb the spread of the virus, while others are still in the process. However, one thing is common, the rules would need to be followed to the letter if the virus is to be controlled.

Some sectors and the rules they are to follow include:

The transportation sector is one so wide that it would need proper attention and strictness when giving a guideline.

Air travels will need to be super monitored if the virus is to be curbed. So many people travel in and out of the country every day, and during their stay, no one can tell who they come in contact with and if they have contracted the virus.

making sure that they are treated is one thing, but the most important is making sure that they don't infect the other commuters.

some measures that have been put in place in so many countries as regards air travels include:

  • Arriving at the airport four hours earlier for proper tests and temperature checks using infrared thermometers. This may be really discomforting to both the commuter and the company as more time and hours would need to be put in place to ensure adequate control.
  • Compulsory use of respirator masks: one of the best ways known to prevent the spread of the virus is through the use of masks. While there are so many types of masks on sale, the best and recommended are respirator masks like the N95 and KN95. You can buy these facemasks online for your own safety.











  • Mandatory use of hand sanitizers and gloves: doctors have advised that you should avoid touching your face with your hands at any point in time. Using a glove, preferably latex gloves, nitrile gloves, and vinyl gloves, will help ensure that your hands are infection-free. They're also good reminders that your hands are not supposed to be touching your face. Alcohol-based sanitizers are also a necessity now to keep the hands clean in case you touch somebody or an object that is infected.

These measures can be taken in other transportation modes as well as in supermarkets and any other public place. The most important point to note is that it doesn't matter the number of commuters traveling in the vehicle, what matters is that everyone gets home safe and sound.

Many sporting events are already planning ways to continue their games without spreading the virus. Football matches are already being played behind closed doors with stringent rules and guidelines that must be followed both on and off the pitch.

There will not be spectators for the most part of the leagues. People would be compelled to watch the matches from home.

Soccer leagues such as the premier league would resume sometime in June but with stringent orders such as no meetings with anybody who has not been tested, each team would be in their separate hotel rooms until the leagues are over, amongst other rules.

Weddings and religious activities- 
Recall that at the inception of the virus, some states still allowed churches to function under specific rules that not more than a specified number of people should be gathered until later when the virus began to prove uncontrollable.

Religious activities will continue, weddings will take place, only under strict rules and preventive guidelines. Although a few people have gone on to do virtual weddings with the priest and other well-wishers viewing through an electronic medium, some countries like England are totally against it. Their rules have it that, at least, the priest, the groom, and the bride must be physically present at the wedding.

Countries like India have also set rules that the social distancing order must be duly followed and not more than 50 persons must be present during the activity.

Companies might be compelled to place signs asking workers to maintain the social distancing order by staying at least two meters away from one another. They are also to ensure that their staff leaves work as soon as they begin to develop signs and symptoms of the virus.

Business owners and managers have also been mandated to ensure that proper action is taken to ensure that the virus doesn't spread. Actions such as installing handwashing facilities, providing PPE supplies, Ensuring that visitors or customers are properly educated on the measures which have been put in place.

Clubs and Restaurants- 
There may not be a chance that clubs are going to be opening anytime soon as it is difficult to make sure that people observe the social distancing order. Moreover, it is not an essential service which makes it an unaffordable risk to take.

Restaurants on the other hand would be allowed to function as long as they follow the stringent rules that have been put in place. They must provide alcohol-based sanitizers for customers as well as staff, they must ensure that tables are placed at least two meters away from each other, they must provide a clean and decent environment.

there is no doubt that these guidelines would make everything about life different and a bit difficult, but it is much better than contracting a disease that has no cure.

No country or state is having it easy at the moment, no sector or company either. Things may remain this way for a while but in the meantime, staying alive and healthy is paramount.

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