What is UV LIGHT SANITIZER and why you need to use it?

With the wake of every new day, more and more people are getting infected with the COVID-19 virus. As there are no known cures for the virus, people are now advised to use preventive measures to protect themselves and their families from the virus. One such measure is social distancing and sanitization.

The coronavirus is a grounded virus, and as such, it cannot be transmitted by air. However, if you are near the infected patient, you can contract the virus from the patient's sneeze or cough. Even worse, the coronavirus can remain on surfaces, fabric, and objects for long periods. In this way, anyone that comes in contact with the surface or fabric inhabited by the virus and uses the same hand to touch his/her mouth, eyes, or nose, will be infected with the virus.

The good news, however, is that the COVID-19 virus, like other viruses, is susceptible to certain conditions and substances. By using these substances on surfaces infested by the virus, you can kill the virus before it finds a new host. Once the virus infects a host, it will be a lot more difficult to kill it. Hence, the need for consistent sanitization of high contact areas of your home and office.
Amongst other things, the coronavirus is susceptible to high temperatures and alcohol. Thus, you can kill the virus by exposing it to UV rays.

UV and UV Light sanitizer UV is an acronym for ultraviolet rays: the rays that radiate from the sun. When you go out on a sunny day and feel the sun on your skin, what you feel is the UV rays. UV light technology has been used for years in the medical industry for sterilization purposes. Now, with the recent discovery that the COVID-19 virus is shy of the sun, people are considering UV light sanitizers for disinfecting objects, clothing, and skin.

This begs the question; Is this a good way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus? Probably not.
While there is no doubt that UV light sanitizers are a force to reckon with when it comes to virus and bacterial sterilization, they may not be the ideal choice for sanitizing your skin. Because while you might not know this, there are three types of UV (UVA, UVB, and UVC) and only one can reliably inactivate the COVID-19 virus.

The UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays are relatively well known and can be blocked out by most sun creams available in the market today. The UVC, on the other hand, is dangerous to human skin, and as such, it is filtered out by the ozone layer before it reaches the ground. Owing to its short and energetic wavelength, the UVC is perfect for destroying genetic materials including the COVID-19 virus and other known viruses. But while the UV (UVC) light sanitizer serves as a failsafe for bacteria and viruses that are resistant to chemical disinfectants, it can be hazardous to the human skin. Other alternative to the UV light sanitizer (in the fight against the COVID-19 virus) is the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers or alcohol wipes.

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