What are the differences between the facemasks available in the market?

Differences between the facemasks available in the market - KN95, N95 NIOSH, 3-Ply Surgical Face Masks, 3Ply Medical Surgical Face Masks

Over the past few weeks, the coronavirus pandemic has left a huge dent in the optimal process of many companies. Aside from the compulsory lockdown that the virus has imposed on many of the world's citizens, it has also affected the relationship between business owners and customers. But while we await the cure or vaccine for this terrible disease, people have found ways to resume work without worrying about the spread of the virus. One such method is the use of facemasks.

By covering your nose and mouth with facemask, you can reduce the risk of contracting the virus. Likewise, if you are infected with the virus, using a facemask can help curb its spread. In this way, safeguarding your friends, family, and colleagues from the terrifying claws of the virus. It is worth mentioning, however, that there are numerous facemask in the market, and as such, your safety from the virus will depend on the one you choose. The most popular are KN95, N95 NIOSH, and 3-Ply Surgical Face Masks.

Owing to the variation in material and quality, different facemasks will have different capacities when it comes to protection from the coronavirus. That is why it is important to do your research on each before making a purchase. Keep in mind that your money is not the only thing at stake here. A wrong choice of facemask will not only cause you to lose money but it will also expose you and the people close to you to the sharp claws of the coronavirus. To help you make the right decision of facemask, here are the obvious distinctions that exist between the popular facemask available in the market today. 

1. KN95 face masks -

All things considered, the KN95 face masks are the most popular facemasks in the market today. Amongst other things, the KN95 face masks is renowned for its impressive ability to capture tiny particles (up to 0.3 microns) that may expose the user to viral infection or spread. On top of that, the KN95 face masks has an impressive expiration and inhalation resistance that is like nothing you have ever seen before in a facemask. With an expiration resistance of 250PA and an inhalation resistance of 350PA, the KN95 face masks is the ideal face mask for preventing the Covid-19 virus. Often, people confuse the KN95 face masks with the N95 facemask. This is because of their similar-sounding names. Though they have more in common than against, they are two different facemasks and one should not be mistaken for the other. The major difference between the KN95 face mask and the N95 face mask is that the former is the Chinese standard for masks while the latter is the US standard for masks. Nevertheless, they both offer 95% protection from tiny particles and microns.

2. N95 NIOSH face masks -
N95 NIOSH face masks are by far the most popular type of surgical respiratory filters sold in the USA. As opposed to the regular N95 NIOSH face masks, the N95 NIOSH face masks have been approved by NIOSH and the FDA (the food and drug administration), and as such, they are the ideal facemasks for curbing the spread of the coronavirus. If you are looking to buy face masks online for sale or buy medical supply online for sale, you should consider getting the N95 NIOSH face masks: They offer impressive protection against viruses and bacterial. By using this facemask, you can enjoy up to 95% protection against 0.3-micron particles. While it isn't uncommon to mix up the the N95 NIOSH face masks with the KN95 face masks, the N95 NIOSH face masks are known to be more breathable than the KN95 face masks. It is worth mentioning, however, that there are only a handful of NIOSH-approved N95 NIOSH in the market, so make sure you are choosing the right one when you want to buy face masks online for sale.

3. 3-PLY SURGICAL face masks -
All things considered, 3-ply surgical face masks are one of the most sought after face masks in the market today, and for good reasons. One such reason is the fact that 3-PLY surgical face masks offer impressive protection against airborne viruses and bacteria. On top of that, the 3-ply surgical face masks are comfortable and breathable, and as such, they can provide optimal protection against microbes while optimizing airflow. The 3-PLY surgical face mask owes its name to its unique 3-layer design. Thus, If you cut the mask open, you'll see three different layers of protection. The design consists of a translucent hydrophobic non-woven outer layer, a white melt-blown middle layer, and a green, blue, or white soft absorbent non-woven inner layer. Together, these three layers protect the wearer of the 3-PLY surgical face mask from Viral infection. Over and above that, the masks keep viral spread from infected wearers to the environment at the barest minimum. The particle filtration efficiency of a typical 3-PLY surgical face mask is equal to or greater than 90%. 

4. 3Ply Medical Surgical Face Masks
If you want to buy face masks online for sale, another option to consider is the 3-ply medical surgical face masks. These face masks are a lot similar to the 3-ply surgical face masks in terms of design and particle filtration efficiency. The only difference is in their standards for particle filtration and breathability. But while the 3Ply Medical Surgical Face Masks are similar to the 3-ply surgical masks, they are completely different from the KN95s and N95 face masks.
Unlike the N95s and KN95s, the 3-Ply medical surgical face masks are cheaper and easily accessed. Thus, if you want to buy medical supplies online for sale (under a budget), you should consider getting the 3-ply medical surgical facemasks.

Conclusion - 
Whereas the facemasks listed on this page offer a high degree of particle filtration efficiency, they cannot guarantee your protection against the coronavirus. So make sure you maintain your social distancing practices when you are at work or places where the risk of contracting the virus is high.

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