Areas Requiring Mandatory Face Coverings

As the battle to contain the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing, so many countries have relaxed the lockdown, and important activities have begun to take place again.

The world was definitely taken by surprise with this virus stealing the peace of mind, comfort, and economic growth that a lot of countries were enjoying.

The coronavirus has appeared to be difficult to cure and being on a continuous lockdown can only worsen the economic condition of some states and countries. Because of this reason, and because activities need to kick off again, more and more countries have started to put guidelines in place to curb the spread.

Some of the guidelines which have been put in place include the following:

Mandatory use of face masks
Face masks have been in existence in some countries, especially in Asia, even before the break-out of Covid-19, due to overpopulation and previous experiences with some outbreaks and flu.

Although a lot of countries have insisted that citizens who must go out to public places must ensure that they wear respirator masks such as N95 and KN95 or 3-ply surgical face masks, in America, the rules are not that stringent.

American citizens are allowed to make their own face masks with cloth materials available to them.

Maintaining two meters distance from people in public - 
In order to be able to curb the virus, deliberate efforts have to be made by every citizen. The government has ordered that citizens would have to stay at least two meters away from each other to make prevention easy.

Mandatory installation of hand washing facilities in workplaces - 
Every company or business place is mandated to observe the social distancing order as well as ensure that provision is made to limit the spread of the virus. Many states and countries have made an order that companies must have hand washing facilities put in place for both staff and customers.

Use of hand gloves and hand sanitizers
Wearing face masks may prove to be a good preventive measure, but that alone may not be a totally effective protection against the virus. adding hand gloves and hand sanitizers to the list will double the protection.

Some hand gloves to invest in for better assurance are clear vinyl gloves, latex gloves, and nitrile gloves. The recommended hand sanitizers are alcohol-based sanitizers because the virus has been studied to not be able to survive in any alcohol-based product with high alcohol content.

Which areas are you required to wear a face mask?
With businesses and activities reopening after several weeks of lockdown, it has to be a necessity to take preventive measures. Wearing face masks happen to be the most easily regulated and monitored approach and the government in each state has made it mandatory. Some of the areas include:

New York: In New York, it has been stated that face masks must be worn in places such as car parks, public transport, supermarkets, business places, and others where it is almost impossible to adhere to the social distancing order.

the governor also stated that the law would be enforced and defaulters would be made to pay fines for disobeying the law.

Pennsylvania: the state has declared that every business place must ensure proper adherence to the face mask wearing mandate. They must ensure that anybody who doesn't wear masks must not be allowed into the business area.

Maryland: Maryland residents are mandated to wear their masks whenever they enter into any public place where there are lots of people and where the social distancing order would be challenging to undertake.

New Jersey: the state was the first to enforce the face mask order in April and since then the order has not changed. Residents are, in fact, also advised to desist from being in gatherings that are overpopulated.

Connecticut: residents of Connecticut must have their face masks on whenever they visit public and busy places where social distancing is impossible. Essential workplaces such as hospitals and pharmacies are also under the mandate.

In Michigan, every company is mandated to provide face masks as well as gloves and alcohol-based hand sanitizers for their staff. Residents must also have their face masks on in supermarkets, grocery stores, banks, and essential workplaces.

California also has this mandate, as well as the following other states: Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oregon, Indiana, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Mississippi, West Virginia, Arizona, and Wyoming.

More states are expected to join the mandate as it is necessary for the survival of the citizens as well as of the country and world at large.

Other countries that have put measures in place to make sure that citizens wear their face masks always include the following:

Vietnam: since March 16, when the pandemic was still budding, the country imposed a mandatory use of face masks on her citizens. They must wear the masks in the public and also in essential workplaces.

The Czech Republic was the first European country to impose the wearing of face masks on her citizens. Citizens are required to wear masks in hospitals, pharmacies, grocery stores, supermarkets, and public transports.

Austria joined the ship of countries that have made face masks a necessity in public places on the 6th of April. The Chancellor stated that even though the citizens may not be used to the use of the masks, it is mandatory as it is a safe way to ensure that the virus doesn't spread.

Others are Slovakia, United Arab Emirates, Gabon, Ecuador, Morocco, Nigeria, Cuba, Turkey, El Salvador, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Kenya, Liberia, Bosnia, Rwanda, Benin, Sierra Leone, Colombia, and Zambia.

All that we can do now is to obey the stated mandates and guidelines to ensure that both we and our loved ones are safe, healthy, and alive. Face masks are essential to the prevention of the disease and it is highly expected of every responsible citizen to have one.

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Lastly, take responsibility, protect yourself and your loved ones, and stay safe.